Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Steed and Miss Peel #1

Easily my most favourite book among this weeks pile of reviews.  Grant Morrison.  What a pleasant surprise in finding that name in this book. And it bears all the hallmarks of a Morrison written book.  Weird, Mysterious, Fun. 

The real star of this show though is, Ian Gibson.  His art IS. JUST. ABSOLUTELY.BEAUTIFUL. TO. BEHOLD.  It has the sense of Kinetic Symmetry and dynamism of Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.

  Its the first time that I have seen his work and I am truly impressed.  The story so far is a bit decompressed, that’s my only minor quibble. 

I know that with Morrison at the helm we are in good hands.  It is nice seeing these classic characters utilised once more and I hope that there would be more to come.  Preferably by this team! Go do yourself a favour by making sure you snatch this one off the shelves this Wednesday....

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