Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Battle Scars #3

Bunn’s script gets much better here than past issues and Eaton’s art retains the pristine quality of past books that this title lacked from him. Both men strived to step it up and did so swimmingly. Marcus Johnson hunts Taskmaster to get answers as to why there’s a contract on his head, and with his best friend helping him out, leave up to Deadpool to spice things up. He’s saturated but just like in Doomwar, he adds a nice flavor. Overall, the lack of superhero and super powered elements make the book feel better, and with little hints offered, I think Marcus will be FURIOUS when his dad’s identity is revealed as it seems to be the plot pivot.

Taskmaster and Deadpool hinge on humorous action with witty banter, and here it plays off well. Marcus finally gains a few grains of salt and empathy that lacked at the start and the final page redeems a lot of what the previous issues tanked with. Kudos. (8/10)

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