Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Voltron #2

Brandon Thomas continues to script a tale where newbies can jump on with ease, although it may differ from the original incarnation. This here is a modern and fresh take on a beloved cartoon and it’s a frentic ride that I can’t see fizzling out soon. Thomas endures well with subterfuge and comounded mystery that’s beyond the babbling and secrecy of the story.  

He sequester's Ariel Padilla’s art into corners where time flashes back and forth to meet at some cognizant point yet it’s loosely thrown in to

keep the reader aware and abreast at all stages. It’s informative and thrilling when need be. It’s snarky and ludicrous when called upon, yet it all meshes in so well. The final page is quite a catch as Thomas dispels the cliché of alien invasion that perpetuates in so many titles (which I hope Cornell’s Saucer County follows suit on) and here it’s a focus more on the story that kickstarts the snowball rather than the avalanche itself. He doesn’t give much time to Voltron and the pilots as he’s slowly building the crescendo. It’s a gamble but as a long-time fan, it’s a huge pay-off for me as it’s a Nolan-trait I enjoy a lot as it winds out playing off like a movie to me. I liked his slow story telling here and Thomas gets my vote as one of the freshest and undervalued young minds out there today. His dramatic impact on this title has me giddy for more of his material. (9/10)


  1. Thanks for the kind words, man. Lots of surprises and cool moments to come, and don't worry...we've got an entire issue coming up that is literally ALL Voltron action...

    Brandon Thomas

  2. Brandon - no worries! This blog is kind of a tool for admin to post easily onto our website, though Check it out if you get time!