Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Chew #23

My Goodness, I love this book. If you want a perfect blend of action, violence and humour, you need look no further than Chew. John Layman's script can get quite brutal at times, but Rob Guillroy's quirky and fun art softens the blow a little. It's kinda like being hit by Thor's hammer if it was wrapped in a pillow. What makes it worse is that the main characters, Tony and John, just don't catch a break.

Agent John Colby is having a hard time dealing with his new boss, who hates him and his new partner, who is a glory-stealing cybernetically

enhanced lion (yup, big mane, king of the jungle lion). As bad as it is for Colby, however, it's far worse for Tony Chew. He's been kidnapped by his girlfriend's ex and forced to consume the bodies of dead baseball players. The issue flips back and forward between Tony and John, and the issue moves forward at a blinding pace.

Guillroy's art is, as I mentioned before, perfect for this book. it's heavily stylised, quirky, fun and a pleasure to look at. Chew is one of those books that just get's better and better as it goes along. The last couple of pages of Issue 23 set up the next issue, and I can;t wait for it. Unless you're the 'faint at the sight of blood' kind of person, you should definately be checking out Chew.

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