Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Mass Effect: Invasion #4

Mass Effect: Invasion is written by the writer of Mass Effect 3 serving as the perfect lead in to that game.  So if you are anticipating the release of that game, I suggest pick it up to get some back story or to get the full gaming experience as (I'm not really sure, but it might make some references to it.)

I love Space Opera and Military Fiction.  Two genres that for me, when combined is pure win.

  While I did enjoy bits and pieces of this comic, in spurts, I just cant help but feel that some of the writing and the art is a bit... wooden.  I'm not saying that the art is bad, its just that probably great battle scenes are not the artist's strength. I wish it were a bit more free flowing and a little more loose. Also, the writing was okay in some parts. 

The ending just feels a little rushed to me. It also feels a little silly that they keep referencing events in World War 2. I know that the lead, General Oleg Petrovsky is supposed to be a master strategist and should be knowledgeable about these things... but like I said, I still cant help but feel its silly.  Not bad, not that great either.  I still was entertained but for the most part, I feel that this comic did not really help eliminate the myth that licensed properties aren’t all that great when translated into comics.

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