Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Cobra Annual 2012 – Origin of Krake: New Commander

Krake’s ruthless acquisition of the talismanic title has been well documented and here the mantle’s bearer is given a much anticipated backdrop by Chuck Dixon. Krake’s origins are straightforward and pretty humanistic. They even embed a few strings of sympathy showing his hardships, trails, tribulations and testaments as a lone wolf making his way through the criminal ranks. It isn’t subtle how he reneges on Cobra’s hand early on and it’s nice to show that he didn’t respect the organization much yet saw it as a tool to ascend. How fitting he runs it as leader now.

The art is gritty and unbridled as it tells of third world war conflicts and the Triad drug trade. This alone would make for a good series as it’s parallel to a villainous Jason Bourne at times. Those comparisons aside, it’s a commendable read and the imminence of Krake’s cruel intent surely doesn’t speak well for Baroness. She maligns him dearly but clearly, he’s here to stay. (7/10)

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