Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Invincible #87

This is my favourite from this week’s comics that I reviewed.  And I can say with all confidence that this is one of the top ten comics being published right now.  As always, the team of Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley hits it out of the park blasting on all cylinders. 

The battle that takes place in the first few pages is really fun to watch.  And the choices that Invincible makes in this issue do not bode well for his future.

In fact, if I was in charge of giving the title for this issue it would be: "Shattered Allegiances." I am very interested in seeing where all this leads.   But the real action is in space...or what came from space.  The news that Allen the Alien and Oliver brings might be....no, I'm actually sure,  that its the start of something big.

I cannot wait for the next instalments of this arc.  Story wise and art wise, Invincible is in its greatest form ever.  I suggest that if you are not currently reading it, do so now.  You wont be disappointed!

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