Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Angel & Faith #6

This by far may be my favorite from the bunch of reviews that I did for this week.  It was mentioned to me by my colleague and fellow cbnah reviewer, Tim Barklay, that this comic is awesome, and he was right!  Christos Gage I believe, is one of the best writers in the biz today. His stories are never boring as it grabs your attention from the get go and never lets up until the final page.  He works quite well with the talented Rebekah Isaacs. The book flows freely and is easily understood in her amazing hands.

This is sort of a spotlight on giles as we take an interesting look into his past, as he was just beginning as a Watcher.  That sequence, was just amazing in my opinion.  Quite expected and predictable but the delivery still hits in you in the gut...and in the heart. 

Also, whats this?  A Subplot! something very few and far between in today's comics.  There's a development in the life of Faith this month and its really interesting how that would play out.

The Kicker though?  The last few pages,  Angel and Faith's hunt for answers leads them (and fans!) into some interesting results!  It would leave you wanting more, that much I am sure! Great Book, Tons of Fun!  This something you would enjoy even if your scared to get into all that Buffy continuity! Pick it up!

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