Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Last of the Greats #4

If you complained about Millar’s shock factor, then get ready for some disorienting and disturbing couple panels here. The villain goes all out, or should I say all in, in a tumultuous confrontation with the protagonist of the story. There’s a nice Deus ex Machina tossed in and as obvious as it was, it ends the issue on a high and portrays something of a game changer we all knew was coming.

There are some obtuse revelations made here but with the plot remaining murky and oblique at times

, it’s a bit surly of Fialkov to not offer more insight and character development into the Great and his true plans. It’s about time we got this as we approach issue 5.  This was the weakest of the issues and contrived to wrestle in its own hype at times.  No real progress is made here and it lacks something long after you cross the middle page.

Something was amiss here and if you can get over the gravity of a couple panels, and its violent American History X ouch debauchery, then you’d notice that Fialkov tried to duck and weave, and bob one over our heads here. It’s not filler but there’s no solid core to what this issue represents. I didn’t expect a letdown and despite incessantly smooth art, I needed something more from the story. It never came. It just got unnecessarily grotesque for a bit. (5/10)

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