Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Heart #3

Butler and Mellon's Black/White book shows why devoid of colour...simply wins at times. It's just that good. Their handle on great music...RATM, TOOL ETC...set a vibrant ringing soundtrack in my mind when I'm reading this book, and after seeing Lesnar beaten into retirement...I just can't help banging something metal in my head, as this book plays out. It's bits of Rocky, humility, yet it's a coin or two tossed in with the hubris (and design) of Marvel's Daken...but what it is...is a total realistic view into how MMA's topsy turvy world clatters into 6s and 7s when you least expect it.

The art and spectacular pace complement the gritty banter the book is glossed with, and it all balls into something wonderful. I really love this book and this sport, and seeing a girl kick ass as its writer, is just amazing and I urge Image to hire more females! ASAP. There's ups and downs and internal upheaval in the characters of this book that spin you upside on your head at times, because it's such a critical turn when the roller-coaster ride Butler cooks kicks into high gear. Her signing to this book was a risk but so is the story she cooks for the main character. It's about sacrifice, risk...and clearly, heart.

This fresh, high-octane, pacey, well-fuelled book gets my adrenaline pumping and UFC's recent injection into me, has me craving more doses of Heart. And it's an unbroken clamour of mine to see what else Butler's mind can concoct when this book ends. (8.5/10)

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