Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Fatale #2

The thing I enjoy most about Fatale is the art styling paired with the story; the whole thing feels like an old movie. Jo is completely captivating, a stunning beauty and a true femme fatale. The story has aspects of occult, noir, and mystery all tied up perfectly into one series.

The second issue of Fatale seems to take place directly after the first issue, in the past, with Jo as well as Dominic Raines (Mr. Lash’s grandfather).

There are many things going on. Jo is doing some serious sleuthing and presenting the reader the opportunity to unravel the mystery surrounding the symbol and her stuck in time beauty. We see the beginnings of her relations with the dirty cop and see her get further into a relationship with the married Mr. Raines.

The way the art plays out in this book is like flipping through scenes in a movie and Jo is our beautiful bombshell with captivating green eyes. While all the illustrations stand out; the sometimes muted or grainy tones in the book allow for certain scenes to really pop. I think in a book, this type of complexity in the illustration is an important tool in advancing the story. As great as the first issue was, with a few bloody scenes, this one is just as good. As in the first issue, the second gives the reader a sense that there is real danger and that there is a price for living forever.

I would suggest Fatale to anyone. The teamwork between Brubaker and Phillips is amazing, the story and illustration work very well together; but, I think it’s worth noting that it’s that with the addition of Dave Stewart’s work that makes this series something special. You should be reading this series, enjoy.

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