Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Prophet #21

Brandon Graham and Simon Roy create one of the most interesting books of the year so far. Prophet is a great sci-fi book that shows more than it tells, letting the reader try to decipher a world that is familiar yet very alien. Taking place in the far flung future, we see glimpses of what we would think of as normal, while strange creatures are every where.

The book is great and the art by Simon Roy is pitch perfect. It's gritty and action packed when it needs to be.

Roy's pacing and storytelling are perfect for this book. I never felt lost in any of the action scenes. Brandon Graham, best know for King City, writes a compelling story that I need to know more of. The world he and Roy have created is fantastic. This isn't anywhere near the book Liefeld created back in the 90's, which is good. It is able to stand on it's own with out having to rely at all on the past.

Prophet fills the science fiction hole in my comic reading and was enjoyable from beginning to end. You need to check this book out, even if you aren't a sci-fi fan, because it has some great action and interesting settings. It’s hard to say if the main character is interesting or not, since we just met John Prophet, but he is turning out to be one just the same. This is the first book of the Extreme Studios relaunch, and if this is the way the books are going to be handled. I will be happily buying every one. This book has me jazzed for the next issue as well as all of the up coming Extreme books.

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