Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Severed #6

Well, Funaki's art is simply irresistible once again...I don't grow tired of saying that. This joy is further compounded with Tuft/Snyder finally bringing a full-fledged realisation to the forefront to Jack's window to the world - and spells out what's the real thing he needs to fear.

Our young protagonist gets his world of naivety and innocence rocked and tattered, as the threadbare existence he knew, stuns into shards, shattered by the reveal of the book's villain.

It's the simplest, most relatable humanistic issue thus far, especially dialogue-wise, and it works perfectly. Jack gets torn apart as he realises that loyalties he lost, and those bonds he hoped to forge may be a thing of the past, or a thing of dreams. It's a simplistic Armageddon for the lad as his youthful cocoon is seared with flesh-devouring terror.

The villain looks ghastly, behaves sick and just seems to be relentless in invoking fear. This issue is spine-tingling, chilly and even though, it's predictable, the scare factor pans out nicely and fleshes out a final page that we've waited for...for some time. It's slow pace reminds me of AMC's Walking Dead series, but the drag and slow build-up is totally worth the pay-off. Provocative to say the least! (9/10)

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