Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Avengelyne #6

I really liked the presentation of this book.  The art and the story is solid.  And the way it was told....to me, it actually read like a tv mystery show.  My full attention was totally captured by the book, meaning it did what it was created for: to keep me entertained. 

I really liked the art and i was thinking that it was ironically, quite a bit cartoony assuming the subject matter involved.  That was before I reached the final few pages. 

I don’t really mind comic book gore.  In fact I have a high tolerance for it.  What I don’t like is gore for gore's sake.  I wont elaborate on what happened too much as it will spoil the story, but the way it was presented, turned me off a bit and dropped my admiration for the book a few notches lower.  I realize that it might have been the tone previously set for the character and previous series from long ago, but since Avengelyne just came back...

Anyways, this book still rates high on the pick it up meter.  I like the villain, the main character and the clever use of religion.  Its smartly written and its a good way to pass the time.


  1. Thanks so much. I appreciate you taking the time to review the book. - writer, Mark Poulton

  2. no worries Mark! this blog is just an easy way for people to post to ou website, which is www.comicbooknerdsarehot.com. It be awesome if you could check it out!