Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Planet of the Apes #10

Planet of the Apes continues to be a very solid book. Each issue we learn more and more about Ape society and how the humans eventually became a mute slave race. There are little easter eggs thrown through out the book relating to the series of films. Thankfully they never feel cheap or like a wink to the audience, instead enhancing the story.

This issue flashes back and fourth between the past and the present.

We get some insight into what makes one of the main character tick. The battle of Red Creek is a pivotal moment in this book’s history and we finally see what happened that day twenty-three years ago. The story in the present continues to move along at a nice pace. Things are looking down for our human heroes, which is surprising, even though you know that at some point the humans are all going to be defeated, and enslaved. But that could be years down the line, or it could be the next arc. We don't know, and that’s one of the things that keeps the book interesting and entertaining.

The art and the writing continue to be great. Carlos Magno draws fantastically brutal scenes of ape and human carnage. His apes are distinct and there is no problem telling the characters apart. A feat that is often not managed in other books with all human casts. Daryl Gregory’s storytelling also continues to be excellent. As the series delves deeper into the ape/human struggle, we learn more and more about what drives the characters, which makes for a fresh and engaging read.

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