Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Green Lantern #1-5

green lant5
Sinestro charms his way back to Korugar with a didactic leash on Hal Jordan, now depowered and pissed that Sinestro is back in the GLC. With the Guardians off to another, yes another, sneaky agenda, one wonders how much subterfuge Johns can douse them with? That duplicity aside, Sinestro back in green is a firmly provocative tool used by Johns as he bends on a madman’s whims to control and place a grasp and grip of order, over the chaos reigning supreme in DCU.

It’s not the redemption we expect as Sinestro enlists Hal’s aid, despite Hal seeming lost for purpose and a bit on the avarice side. Hal is not characteristically sound as we saw him in Blackest Night and Brightest day but this is all part of his withdrawal symptoms from his ring, and the drug addiction Johns portrays comes off with a silky flow. This segues into Hal’s bumbling romance with Carol, which takes a much needed backseat as Hal and Thaal head to Korugar for some unfinished Sinestro Corps business. Loyalties are tested and Sinestro valiantly defeats his old minions with Alamy/Mahnke/Champagne all delivering stunningly beautiful art.

This didn’t reboot with the new 52 and I’m very much glad for this. Seeing Hal in no man’s land at the mercy of Sinestro, whose reverence is now more incandescent than ever, make for a spectacle. The iridescent action scenes combined with the Guardians much-clichéd machinations definitely would keep you hooked and reminded why Johns is one of the best out there still.

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