Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Alpha Girl #1

This has been a series I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s set in 1984 and it has a little bit of all the things I love. Judith is a zombie hunter like no other; she’s independent, crude, and completely riveting all at once.

This is a very different world than we’re used to. For starters, just about everyone has gone crazy. Judith is a survivor and as shown in this issue she’s seen a lot more than your typical 17 year old. This issue is a preamble to our “colourful” protagonist and the situation she’s in.

Like I said, the worlds a mess and full of man eating zombie women and Judith is doing just fine. I think we’re in for a Cassie Hack type book with a little more fun in the art style.

The book is very easy to get into. It has a great styling to the art. The illustrations are graphic and bold and really add to the chaos that’s going down within the issue. The characters are very expressive and I can say that I, at least, really enjoy that they’re trying to do something less conventional than the average comic. The last comic I read that I could compare this to is Tank Girl where the art is more in tune with the character rather than the overall story of the world in which she’s contained.

I believe they’re on to a great start although I’m going to wait on another issue to decide whether or not to add this one to my pull list. If you like off colour characters and crazy zombie lady fun then pick up Alpha Girl #1. I have a hunch that the fun is just beginning.

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