Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Valen the Outcast #3

Michael Alan Nelson and Matteo Scalera’s dark fantasy continues to be gritty, exciting action. One of the best writers of full-tilt, high octane action comics in the business, Michael Alan Nelson manages to make formulaic fantasy fresh and fun.

Issue begins with a possessed Zjanna attempting to kill Valen and Cordovan, who promptly flee into a forest. There they discover the violent signs that they may be in more danger in the forest than they were from Zjanna. As with the past few issues, the pacing is excellent.

The balance between the rapid action, edge of your seat suspense and powerful character moments is perfect.

Scalera’s art really takes a step up this issue. His backgrounds are beautiful and his characters dynamic. I cant imagine it being easy for publishers to find an artist whose strengths match the strengths of the writer, but BOOM! Have done it with Valen. Action is difficult, and both Nelson and Scalera nail it. Dark fantasy at it’s finest.

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