Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: The Walking Dead #93

Things look to be changing once again for the Walking Dead. When I read this issue I had lost a little of the sense that everything was about to come crashing down once again, on Rick and his crew. The only time I would say I felt even a little insecure with their situation was the first page, when Rick seems to be trusting, Paul, the newcomer. You soon learn that as apprehensive as Rick and some of his crew may be they are prepared for whatever may happen next.

The Walking Dead survivors have developed a menagerie of skill sets and I believe, for now at least, that they have a handle on how to live in this new world. The issue is basically set up as Rick commands his people to take an offensive form of defense to see just what the situation is with Paul and his “200” strong network of friends. In the process you see that they have become habituated to this world, they take out roamers without breaking as much as a light sweat. They’ve adapted and grown into working members of this new earth. You will be treated to some pretty amazing roamer killing action in the process, and who doesn’t like to see Michonne take one out with her sword?

The art and story on this is once again paired perfectly and on par with the rest of the series. Kirkman knows this world and the characters within it so well, as he should, as their creator. It is still worth noting that the handling of each character has lost nothing over the 93 issue series. Adlard’s pencils along with Cliff Rathburn on grayscale make for a beautiful pairing with Kirkman’s writing. The artists really allow for the story to be heard while pushing you forward with great scenes and believable expressions.

In the end, I truly enjoyed this issue it had just the right emotional tone allowing the reader to see that things are changing while the art gave a great interpretation of the writing. There are few comics that I enjoy as much as Walking Dead and I believe this issue, like the rest within the series, is worth the read and it will definitely be in my library of comics. 8/10

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