Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Ice Age: Iced In

Ice Age is a fun all ages book. The story is simple: the three main characters of the movie, Sid, Manny and Diego, get caught in an avalanche and are trapped in a cave. The book has all the humour of the movies and captures the tone pretty well. None of the characters felt off in any way. And even Scratt, the sabre toothed squirrel is present in the book.

As a book for kids it was great. Nice art, fast paced story. You had no real time to get bored at any point. My one complaint is that there were no artist or writer credits in the book. We get a cover artist, and the rest of the credits are for editors and letters. It would be nice to be able to praise the story telling in the book, and know who to send the praise towards.

The story could easily be turned into an animated short shown before a Dreamworks movie. If you have kids that enjoy the movies, or just enjoy the movies yourself, pick up this book. It is a fun quick read that won't disappoint fans of the films.

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