Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: 2000AD #1766

The weekly British sci-fi comics anthology Is really strong at the moment. the current 5 stories are all great, and with creators like John Wagner, Dan Abnett, Robbie Morrison and Tiernan Trevallion, how could it not be?

The current judge Dredd story is intriguing, but I find Wagner can often use way too much dialogue. It's interesting to see the mayoral campaigns going on in the background, and I'm sure it'll com into play pretty soon.

Grey Area is trademark Abnett Sci-fi. Aliens, shock troopers, big guns - all the ingredients are there. Karl Richardson's art is pretty glorious, as well.

Nikolai Dante is one of my favourite 2000AD stories, and Robbie Morrison is killing it with this arc. this prog sees the return of Spatchcock and Flintlock, and the dynamic between Demitri, Nikolai and Jena is top notch. Absolom is also shaping up to be an excellent arc, and Tiernan Travallion's art is the strongest in the issue. It kind of has a De'israeli tone to it. The art just accentuates the awesomeness of Harry Absolom, a grumpy old detective dealing in the supernatural.

Strontium Dog is also putting up a great arc, with the return of Johnny Alpha. Wagner's characters here aren't deep or dramatic, but they are totally cool. Middenface's accent can, at times, make the dialogue a little hard to follow though. All in all, 2000AD is putting up some solid stories, and if your thinking of picking it up, start with last week's #1755.

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