Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Wolverine & the X-Men #4

This issue is one of Aaron’s most exhilarating and implicit issues without wanton violence and steep violations of wars. It’s setting up a typical day at the school and getting to know the roster a bit better, especially the new ones. Ties come over from X-Force and new additions are really well done here. Seeing Angel in tandem with a hippie stick wasn’t that receptable until the last few pages, where we see a certain latent power come to life that makes for an interesting change of face.

Deathlok also asserts himself dominantly with quite an allure as he lectures on several topics, many trending to a future X-Team, that looks like Logan’s version of Gen Hope. Seeing Quire’s décor and role, as well as his first lady, makes a glorious read, and the profound few panels, are spread with the apparent villain we all know and love. This also ties over a new addition, and it’s quite up in the air as to where this youngster is going.

Not too apparent was Nightcrawler as he’s being kept for Remender but overall, the cast was well rotated among sparkling dialogue. Aaron played off all his strengths and the only downfall was that for the action sequences, Nick Bradshaw isn’t the artist I wanted. He’s too endearing and while he worked well for most of the issue, the fiery scenes are better left to a more gritty artist. There’s a Phoenix teaser here that’s all too obvious and seeing Bobby grow to a new mature role also bode well. His romance with a certain phaser seems to have hit some rocks given a really dastardly last page. WTF indeed amid a very well written issue. (9/10)

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