Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Creepy #7

This is a very beautiful book.  A throwback to the horror anthologies of days gone by, this book delivers on all conceivable levels.  It lives up to the title creepy, is disturbing and it stays with you a while after you are done reading.  I appreciate the effort by Dark Horse to release product such as this because todays market could use all the diversity that it could get. Plus, with titles like Animal Man and Swamp Thing enjoying new found popularity and critical acclaim, this book could'nt have come at a better time. It is very much worth the money that you will spend on it as its is packed to the brim with great art and story.

Mud- by Joe Landsdale, Keith Landsdale and Gus Floor tells the story of a young bullied boy who discovers that he has the ability to create sentient mud beings.  This was the first act.  I also could not help but think that this could actually work in a superhero setting as an anti- Spider Man.

The Shroud- By Dan Brown and Patrick Reynolds is by far the scariest and creepiest of them all. Its about a couple who discovers a demonic cloth found in an auction. The suspense and the buildup was amazing!  And the climax, terrifying!  This is my pick for best story in this book.

Bloodsuckers- By Bill Morrison and Wilfredo Torres is a dark comedy about a vampire plague that befalls a sleepy American Town. Definitely funny as it is meant to poke fun at Twilight!  The ending is something you wont see coming.

The Ultimate High by Martin Salvador and Steve Skeats is about the dangers of substance abuse and the ultimate Irony.  A somewhat tragic and haunting tale.

And Lastly, Deep Ruby, a classic tale by Archie Goodwin and Steve Ditko.  With those two names attached, you know your in for something good.

Overall, the comic packs a huge punch and I think the only real complaint one could have is that its only being released quarterly.  But I believe that every new issue that comes out would be worth the wait.  Horror stories done in Black and White?  Classic stories mixed with the new?  What more could you ask for?  Pick it up most definitely!

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