Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: King Conan: Road of Kings #12

This book tells the story of an aged Conan, serving as the King of Aquilona as he relays his past to a scribe in order for it to be archived and told to generations yet to come. The story by Tim Truman is engaging as we get acquainted with the many important players in this tale.  It is for the most part, setup.  But the premise is interesting enough to come back and get the rest of the issues.

The star of this show is Tomas Giorelo.  His art is a perfect fit for this book.  Its gritty and he conveys emotions rather perfectly. 

I have yet to encounter his work before and I am pleased enough by what I see this time.  His art rather reminds me of Rags Morales.

Great book.  Like I said, Not a lot happened, all we get is mostly introductions and a surprise villain reveal.  The pacing should pick up in  the subsequent issues.  A pick up most definietly, for the art alone.

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