Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Luther Strode #5

Justin Jordan doesn't hold back at all. Not with the gore, the f-words and the wanton violence. It's highly reminiscent of Millar's KICK-ASS , c-words in tandem, but here it's got a little more chutzpah because of the intensity and mystery surrounding Luther Strode. This is a gung-ho rescue as Luther comes to the aid of his damsel in distress, but there are a lot of dire circumstances and severely harsh repercussions that come with Luther's actions.

Things capitulate as Luther's world spins out of control with a formidable nemesis coming undone yet remaining eerily intact to the story and still embarking on a wildly cohesive plot. It isn't as vindictive as Red Mist in KA, but the Librarian is calculating, sinister and lovingly conniving as he wreaks havoc in Strode's universe. This issue hinges on allegories of altruism and it encapsulates heroic shedding of blood, but what the story really and truly paints is a majorly crimson book where Strode finally cuts all hell loose. Of course, he has other relatives to consider, and with so much to lose now, the last page shows the ramifications of his choices. It's enormously profane a read and it's still unclear as to the antagonist's mission and Strode's true fate, but the obscure pattern that's well carved out, pun intended by Jordan and the simple (yet amazingly effective Tradd Moore on art), is one that keeps for a high-octane, offensive bumper of a ride.

This book denotes raw, gritty, unbridled hell-raising and annotations of hardcore, extreme violence (once-well done) make for a catchy read. Jordan's pace was inconsistent on this title but with the finale coming soon, I can't wait to see where he takes the conclusion. I'm certain I'll be pleasantly up in arms!!! (8.5/10)

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