Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Shinku #1-4

Ron Marz's affinity for Samurai tales come abound with an elementary formula of Last Samurai meets Underworld...minus the werewolves. It's a gritty and fun read, as it doesn't get out of its own way - Shinku's charged with annihilating the Vampires via her duties as the last of her Samurai clan, and she hires a certain human to aid her. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's got nice action, nudity...neat, as well as a simple straightforward plot of raw kickassness. It's easy to stomach and swallowing this book is better a bet thanks in part to Lee Moder's exquisite art.

It's part and parcel of Marz getting to drop a creator-owned fetish our way and the art oozes of easy-going thrill with wavy craftings of things that go bump in the night, with very sharp teeth. It's altruistic a read despite the broody, stereotypical 'KILL-BILL' lead in Shinku, which we see in dozens of Hollywood films, and while no way would this make for a proper TV/FILM without being overdone or typecast, I am all in as I love the plain badass vibe off this book. It's ole, simple fun and classic jokes in between. I can see a lot of folks bashing it, but I'm not up for too serious a vamp tale...I had my fill of those and would pass for now.

Marz gives me something to laugh about, while watching heads get severed. I really like what he offers here. Gave a nice contrast to the Strain book I'm digging currently also.

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