Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Valen the Outcast #2

In a recent interview we did with Valen author Michael Alan Nelson he said “I've always been a fan of fantasy.  It's what I started reading as a kid and it was a fantasy story that inspired me to become a writer.” This love for the genre really shines in Valen the Outcast. It’s dark, magical and thrilling. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more successful fantasy comics on the market, because the genre seems to really lend itself to the medium, and Valen the outcast is a great example.

Issue 2 sees Valen, Zjanna and Cordovan continuing there travel north to reclaim Valen’s soul.

They are roped into attacking a nearby stronghold and Valen goes to extreme measures to ensure there safety. This issue really solidified my like for all three of the main characters – Valen as the strong leader, Alexio Cordovan as the lovable rogue and Zjanna as the bad-ass chick. It’s nothing new, but that’s the thing with fantasy – the formula is what you want. Some of the dialogue is a little melodramatic, but the fantasy elements are spot on – It’s an exciting story.

Matteo Scalera’s art fits the dark tone of the book to a tee. It’s raw and thick and gritty. The evil characters are scary and foreboding, the violence and action easy to follow and Valen himself just looks bad-ass all the time. If you’re enjoying DC’s Demon Knights, you’ll love Valen the Outcast.

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