Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: The Strain #2

The standard of segueing from one story to the next, as well as keeping abreast a decent pace of intrigue and shock, are all held intact via the key factor of eerie mystery. Lapham's script is playing out nicely, as horror folk pander to the ensuing malevolence and anguish being built to. Sure it's slow at times, but now the story gets more cohesive and precise in its aim. It's concise enough to point out the infection occurring here with some plot revelations and characters nudging more into the limelight. Some more forcefully and some more gently.

Mike Huddlestone's art isn't embellished with flaw to me, as I see a rough style that transcends well into conveying the message that it's more a sci-fi tale than a vamp-gore flick. It's a festival of slow and creepy shadows usurping the everyday world we all know and it's the unexpected hitting of our face of life, invoking fear. I even drew parallels of terrorism here in the manner this arc sets up.

I may overthink at times, but one thing I assure...this book in its draggy and trudging pace is gearing to jump out the gates with a vicious bang and a tenure of ferocity that I know Del Toro/Hogan managed to cook up in their source-fodder. Not a bad read at all.

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