Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Dark Matter #1

It's quite impressive to see inklings of BSG, Star Trek, Star Wars and some Joss Whedon-esque space snippets come into play as influence is tied in to issue 1. The complexity and total amnesiac element adds an eerie and mysterious texture to boost the intrigue of the book.

It's nice to see such compact drama, mistrust and human emotion entangled into the story, making it more an opera in space than a fleet-vs-fleet battle with guns and lasers. It seems the roster assembled is one that will make for a fun ride, especially due to the cliffhanger of issue 1.

It wasn't a shocker but it definitely adds the change of pace that raises the bar of the book.

Joseph and Paul hit it out the park with issue one, and Hill's colors do well with the scrappy yet attenuated art of Gary Brown, which add a subtle feel, intergalactic nuance and polished atmosphere of tension crafted onboard. Safe to say, I loved the debut!!! 

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