Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Buffy Season 8 #5

buffy 9 - 5
Remember issue 5 of Buffy Season 8? Where Buffy has a dream where a fairy thing invades her dreams? Well the fairy is back! It seems like Joss and crew decided they were onto a winner. This time the fairy hijacks Buffy’s dreams through the First Slayer. This issue continues to establish the direction the ‘season’ is going, and the first slayer reveals to Buffy and Willow that there is a chance that magic can be restored to the world, after Buffy eradicated it at the end of season 8.

The story itself isn’t all that mind-blowing (except for the last page reveal, which was a true ‘holy crap!’ moment), but it sets up the future

of the title really well. I’m really excited to see where Whedon and his crew are taking this story. Most of the issue takes place in Buffy’s dreams, something that Buffy fans are familiar with, and Steve Morris’ amazing cover reflects that perfectly – kind of a trippy, florescent tribute to the dreamscape.

As good as Georges Jeanty is, Karl Moline puts up the best art of the series thus far. His likenesses are good, but it’s the dynamic panel composition that really stands out in this issue. The action sequences are full of life, the ‘camera’ angels are interesting and the characters are believable in their movement and expression. Top notch stuff. If you’re a Buffy fan, you’re most likely reading this already, but if not, Issue #5 is a great jumping on point.

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