Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Walking Dead #93

In this issue of the Walking Dead we find Rick and his crew finally making it to Jesus’ community. Strange enough things don’t go as planned but maybe not in the way you would expect. Kirkman and his team do a lovely job setting up this issue it has hope, shock and awe with a zombie twist.

The way this issue is set up is very similar to the walking dead in itself it sets the reader up with a momentary sense of security and then rips

it away! I was expecting something drastic to happen when Rick, Carl, Jesus and the gang reached their destination but the events that unfurled were quite a shock and I really love that Kirkman is playing on a different side and I believe the direction he is going in will show Rick and the rest of his Walking Dead in a completely different light.

While the story starts off slow and a lot of the art is understated and I believe Adlard did a great job allowing for the final act to remain one of shock and for the reader to be left in awe of the coming situations. I love Adlards work and it is very on point with the rest of the series but I think you will notice the restrained manor in which all panels leading to the “big bang” are presented which just goes to show just how well these creators work together.

All together this has been one of my favorite issues of “Walking Dead” and Kirkman really knows how to send his readers on a roller coaster of post apocalyptic fun. As Rick and his crew make their way through this dystopian setting I can really get a sense of how things have changed and continue to change. If you have been following “Walking Dead” I think you would be doing yourself an injustice to miss this issue as an interesting turn of events is on the immediate horizon.

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