Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fantasy Warfare: Round 6

Better than finding the exact card you need in a Magic: The Gathering booster pack(and almost as good as, y’know, actual social interactions), it’s Fantasy Warfare! Damn, Round 6 is here! The zamboni’s just finished clean-up, so everything’s nice and shiny(and lemony fresh), which means it’s perfect time…to FIGHT!!!

Match 1: Spawn VS Ghost Rider
A match made…in hell! A dance of death by the deadliest of denizens! Al Simmons was given the gift of Hellspawn, forever changing him into the beast known as Spawn! Originally made to lead the armies of the demon Malebogia, Spawn instead chose to serve as a guardian of humanity against the forces of the underworld. Johnny Blaze made a deal with the devil so save his true love, turning him into the spirit of vengeance known as the Ghost Rider! Riding all over the world, he exacts justice from wrong-doers with his Hellfire powers! Let’s get a closer look at our crusaders:
Spawn(Al Simmons)-6’2, 900lbs. Skills-Super-strength, Durability, Healing Factor, Hellspawn armor & cape that can turn into guns & bladed weapons
Ghost Rider(Johnny Blaze)-6’2, 220 lbs. Skills-Superhuman durability & stamina, Invulnerability, Hellfire & chain projection, Expert motorcyclist
The arena becomes the Devil’s Playground! Our challengers are actually more in common than you think. Both wield the powers of the underworld to their advantage. Spawn’s armor and cape are versatile enough to adapt to any foe, but Ghost Rider has never backed down from any sort of fight. His mastery of Hellfire, his enchanted chain and his motorcycle give him a number of ways to triumph over his opponents…but can he knock down this Heavyweight from Hades?
Match 2: Venom & Carnage VS The Darkness & Witchblade
Only our 2nd tag team match, and it ensures to be double the action and double the excitement! Venom and Carnage used to be normal men until the dreaded alien Symbiote transformed them into vicious creatures, capable of putting any hero on their heels! Jackie Estacado and Sara Pezzini both went under massive changes when receiving the Darkness and the Witchblade(respectively) and have proven to be pretty wicked warriors! Here’s how they stack up against one another:
Venom(Edward Brock)-Height and weight variable. Skills-Superhuman strength, durability and stamina, Wall-crawling, Spider-sense, Webbing generation,
Carnage(Cletus Kassady)-Height and weight variable. Skills-Superhuman strength, durability and stamina, Wall-crawling, Spider-sense, Webbing generation, Can form bladed weapons & projectiles
The Darkness(Jackie Estacado)-6’2, 145 lbs. Skills-Tentacles that possess super-strength, can create “Darklings” to assist in battle, Armor, Proficient in firearms
Witchblade(Sara Pezzini)-5’9, 123 lbs. Skills-Healing factor, Body armor, Energy projection, Razor blade projection, Flight 
A war of wits,webbing and the will to win! Venom and Carnage have, individually, wreaked havoc on Marvel’s finest, so together…can they be beaten? The Darkness and Witchblade both answer: yes they can! They have two of the most powerful ancient forces on their side, not to mention a lengthy history of working together to prevail over many a formidable foe! But can these two stop the children of the very sinister Symbiote?
Match 3: Thor VS Doomsday
Two unstoppable forces from Marvel and DC meet for a fight to shake the very heavens! Thor, the God of Thunder, has been a champion of both Asgard and Earth for years, with a warrior’s spirit and and unstoppable power behind his mighty hammer! Doomsday, an unknown entity until he crash-landed in Metropolis, is best known for ripping through all of Earth’s champions, only to seemingly kill the Man of Steel, Superman, in a one-on-one brawl! The lowdown on these fighters is as follows:
Thor(Thor Odinson)-6’6, 640 lbs. Skills-Superhuman strength and stamina, Invulnerability, Weather control, Flight, Energy projection
Doomsday(Unknown)-8’10, 915 lbs. Skills-Healing factor, Invulnerability, Adaptability, Razor-like protusions covering body, Can lift over 100 tons
The fury of a god and a force of nature will meet in this very arena! Thor has beaten and vanquished some of the strongest, all with his impressive power. Doomsday, however, won’t be intimidated(if he could feel such a thing) and his mind only set on destruction, and won’t stop till he stands over Thor, victorious! But, can he get the job done? Is Thor about to be met with a enemy that his indomitable will can’t prevail over? Will the Doomsday machine be stopped by the mightiest of god-men?
Whooo, got goosebumps on this one, guys! I love the adrenaline rush I get when these fights come together, and hopefully you’ll enable me by providing feedback, thoughts and comments. And who knows, it might result in a timely response! Ok, probably not, but it can’t hurt to think that, right? See what’ll happen next in this pop culture colosseum known as…FANTASY WARFARE!!!

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