Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Morning Glories #17

Wow, this issue should be re-titled as “Answers and Revelations part 1” it may seem quite laid back on the surface but if you have been following the series you will know that when Spencer decides to give you a hint or a clue it can be very modest and often goes unnoticed at first read. This issue has none of that in contrast the answers given are quite blatant and in your face mix that with the laid back tone of the book and the fabulous as ever Joe Eisma art and this is one hell of an issue.

To start the art is as well done as it has been in the past. Like I have said before Eisma really has an excellent grasp on these characters and knows how to work with Spencer’s script to create an interesting, engaging story that leaves you both satisfied and wanting for more. Eisma has some of the cleanest artwork out there and mixed with Alex Sollazzo on colors the issue is visually stunning.

The real gold in this issue is the story content; there is a budding relationship, answers into Jade and Ike’s past and even a glimpse into what may be Jade’s future. Spencer manages to tackle tricky subjects like religious belief without coming across as offensive or preachy all the while relating it to his characters and their place at Morning Glories Academy. The way these issues are written the characters and their interactions come across as genuine. The situations change as do the relationships which I believe is very realistic in a world where anything can seemingly happen this is what makes “Morning Glories” so captivating and it’s the reason it is my number one book.

This issue does its job of furthering the story and while it may not have as much action or suspense as the last few releases it’s by far my favorite in a while. If you’re looking for the Morning Glories issue with some definite answers this one is for you it has insight into character, mystery, and leaves me excited for the conclusion of this story arc next month! If you are familiar with the previous Morning Glory continuity don’t miss this one but if you’re new to the Academy maybe try picking up the first hard cover, it’s glorious.

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