Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Planet of the Apes #12

Last issue's firey conclusion is dealt with, man's attack on the City Tree throwing the apes into chaos. Bako tries to find and rescue Sully, the mayor and hopefully her new born son from Voice Alaya. But as with most things in life, things take a turn for the worse. As the Mayor tries to make her escape, her companion Bako tries to find her baby who was in the City Tree when a zeppelin was crashed into it last issue. Fire is everywhere. And so are the apes. As Sully and her monk companion flee, Bako rises higher and higher to locate the new born and both run into unexpected trouble.

The first year of Planet of the Apes has come to a close. And things will only get worse for both sides as they struggle for dominance on this planet. I know that eventually the humans will loose this fight. But it is fascinating seeing their struggle to try to maintain their freedom. This is a book where no one is safe. Any character could die at any moment, and that is part of the fun of this series.

The art and writing on this series has been great from the start. There has been no drop in quality as this series rolls on. In fact I think that Carlos Magno has perhaps become a stronger artist as the series has gone along. Daryl Gregory is now a name I will be on the look out for more things that he has written.

If political intrigue, apes fighting humans, or good comics are your thing. You should be reading Planet of the Apes.

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