Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I Buy: One Nerd's Pull List Part 1

why I Buy
Every Monday for the next 5 weeks, I will be sharing my 48 issue pull list, justifying why I buy each comic and throwing in some interior art. This week I discuss 7 issues - 2000ad, Rachel Rising, Fathom, Irredeemable, Incorruptible, Valen the Outcast and RASL.

Comic: 2000ad
Publisher: Rebellion
Writer: Various, including John Wagner and Pat Mills
Artist: Various
Why I buy: I love anthologies, and the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic allows me to get my anthology fix every single week. It often baffles me, the amount of quality stories they can cram into each issue (or prog, as they’re known in 2000ad). 2000ad has an amazing catalogue of characters at their disposal, as well. From Judge Dredd to the ABC warriors to Johnny Alpha to Nikolai Dante, there is truly something for everyone, provided everyone enjoys sci-fi action. 5 stories in 32 pages on a weekly basis? Heck yes.
Comic: Rachel Rising
Publisher: Abstract
Writer: Terry Moore
Artist: Terry Moore
Why I Buy: Two words – Terry. Moore. I’m such a huge fan of his work. He is an intelligent artist and gifted storyteller. Every little detail in each panel is carefully thought out – how a person fills their clothing, the way characters carry themselves, how a set is dressed. In Rachel Rising, Moore plays around with stronger horror elements than he ever did with SiP or Echo, and it makes for a crazy, exciting read.

Comic: Fathom vol 4
Publisher: Aspen
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Alex Konat
Why I buy: I bought the first volume for Michael Turner’s art, and ended up loving the premise. The story is about Aspen Matthews, a young marine biologist who discovers she is actually a child of two non-human races - the Blue, who live in n underwater environment that would make Namor jealous, and the Black, who are their mortal enemies. This latest series has taken an even deeper supernatural tone, as Aspen lays the smack down on some awesome monsters. It’s a beautiful book, and – does a great job at channelling the late great Michael Turner.
Michael Turners Fathom V4 4 01

Comic: Irredeemable
Publisher: BOOM!
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Diego Barreto
Why I buy: Imagine if Superman heard one too many internet trolls badmouthing him and snapped, turning into an evil sociopath. Thus is essentially the premise behind one of Mark Waid’s two superhero properties at BOOM!. Plus, it’s Mark Waid, so you know it’s going to be well written.

Comic: Incorruptible
Publisher: BOOM!
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Marcio Takara
Why I buy: Mark Waid’s other superhero property at BOOM!, Incorruptible is about a reformed super villain trying to do good in the world. It goes hand in hand with Incorruptible, and it’s a damn fine read. The exploration of the human spirit is central to the plot, and while there’s plenty of no-holds-barred action, it is the characterisation that is the champion.

Comic: Valen the Outcast
Publisher: BOOM!
Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Why I buy: Dark fantasy at it’s finest. I’ve been a big fan of Michael Alan Nelson for a long time. He writes action comics as well as anyone, and Valen is no exception. Fast paced, visually exciting and a great example of how following an established formula doesn’t have to be predictable or clichéd. The story follows King Valen’s quest to retrieve his soul, stolen from him by an evil necromancer.

Comic: RASL
Publisher: Cartoon Books
Writer: Jeff Smith
Artist: Jeff Smith
Why I buy: Asides the fact that it’s a Jeff Smith comic, RASL is an energetic romp through alternate universes. RASL is an art dimension hopping art thief and former scientist working on forms of energy theorised by Nikolai Tesla. Smith’s art is powerful and expressive, and his story melds both real and fictional science together in a twisting, turning adventure.

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