Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: The Cape #4

Howard and Daniel craft one of the most visually breath-taking books I ever read. It’s sublime that they can pronounce the grim tone and darkness that emanates off the lead character. The settings are pretty much what you look for in a book that’s draped in terror and angst.

This book definitely delivers quality art in leaps and bounds as it paints the wicked ways of Eric as he screams, kicks and spills blood with an effervescent ease.

It’s profound how masterful the art wraps here. However, as amazing as this story was going, the final few pages killed it for me, in a bad way. Not even that glorious double-page spread about Eric’s inner demons could sate my appetite as the crux of the matter is never handled well. I don’t want an origin into the cape and its powers…that’s beyond trite and trivial, but seeing Eric’s downfall handled so aloof kind of irked me. There’s no way I can see him succumbing like such an amateur, even though he is. Not after, the acts he pulled off with devastating ease. It seemed like Eric’s brother pulled  a neat trick out his hat, without even knowing what magic was. I didn’t like that Eric was built up and then dropped so easily in the turn or torn of a hat. It’s layman’s terms but as much as I loved this title, it petered out at the end for my taste (6/10)

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