Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: 2000ad #1774

The Galaxy’s greatest comic continues to amaze me with the quality of stories produced in a weekly, 32 page magazine.

Political terrorism, chemical warfare and big explosions dominate the current Judge dredd story. As much as I love Judge Dredd and the stories John Wagner tells, I’ve found his stories unnecessarily wordy. This one is no exception, and as great a story it is, I just wish he’d cut the dialogue back a little.

Age of the Wolf II is shaping up to be an amazing story, just as good as the first part. There’s plenty of great action, and the main protagonist – a hot young redhead named Rowan, Kicks all kinds of ass. Jon Davis-Hunt’s art is beautiful – his lines are crisp and his colours vivid.

Flesh by Pat Mills and the wonderful James McKay makes it’s return, with some amazing cowboy vs dinosaur action. I think this is the most visually exciting story of the prog, as McKay’s dinosaurs would make even Ricardo Delgado proud.

As far as visually striking stories go, Lee Carter’s work on Dan Abnett’s Grey Area story is top notch. Soft, painted colours contrast the strong ink splatters and scratched textures to create a beautiful aesthetic. This instalment of the story was a little slow, but set up some crazy things for upcoming issues.
The previous Nikolai Dante story was as good as it’s ever been, so Robbie Morrison has a lot to do to continue that level of awesome. This story is about the war that wages on during the events of last story, and the talented John Burns takes up art duties.

I’m loving this book at the moment, with some of the most engaging and visually pleasing stories in a long while.

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