Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp tells a joke, Terry Moore shows of a tat, Jamie McKelvie is a marvel, Joe Hill sits in a chair, Bryan Lee O'Malley scribbles, Brian Wood makes history, Fabio Moon, Francesco Francavilla, Dustin Weaver, Rafael Albuguerque, Mike Allred and Brandon Graham pay tribut to Moebius, Sean Phillips takes an art class, Phil Noto gets his claws out, Eric Canete draws an Egyptian and Peter Nguyen goes to Rome.

Dan Hipp kicks us of as always:

Terry Moore shared a tattoo from a fan:

Jamie McKelvie's take on the Captain Marvel/ Ms. Marvel revamp. You've all seen it:

- Joe Hill discussed the future of The Cape, Locke and Key and other things with CBR:

Bryan Lee O'Malley shared one of the scribble drawings he submitted for the Scott Pilgrim movie:

- Brian Wood is writing X-Men and Ultimate X-Men:
Announced over the weekend, and well documented in several places, I am the new writer on X-Men and Ultimate Comics: X-Men.  The first time in history, according to Marvel, that a person has written two ongoing X-books, one in each universe.
That’s Kitty Pryde, from Ultimate, with a new costume I created (and Jorge Molina made into reality) to reflect some significant changes to her character.  I can’t get into a lot of story detail, at least not beyond what’s in those links, but I’ll bulletpoint some of the key stuff:
• In the Ult title, Kitty becomes the focus of the title, and puts her front and center of a sort of mutant resistance relative to the troubles they’ve been having in that story to-date.  I’d call her a Joan Of Arc character if that didn’t suggest all sorts of religious connections that don’t exist.  Maybe an atheist Joan Of Arc.  Wait, but Kitty’s Jewish.  Ok, moving on.
• On the X-Men title, I’m taking the “security team” label to heart and pushing it as far as it’ll hold.  On the Marvel panel over the weekend Arune called it an espionage book which is pretty accurate, although perhaps not so literally a “spy” book.  It uses a lot of the trappings of that genre.  If I had to define it in broad, simple strokes I would say it owes something to the legacy that books like The Authority and the (original) Ultimates created.  

Fabio Moon drew a tribute to Moebius:

Francesco Francavilla twarted a tribute to Moebius:

Dustin Weaver's Moebius tribute:
moebius tribute

- Rafael Albuquerque's Moebius tribute:

- Mike Allred's Moebius tribute:
MOEBIUS tribute sm

Brandon Graham's Moebius tribute:

Sean Phillips painted this at an art class he attends:

Phil Noto draws a 'what if' version of Logan, Laura and Charles:

Eric Canete drew this fine pic:

- Peter Nguyen traveled through Rome to complete this piece:

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