Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp is a bounty hunter, Fabio Moon celebrates women, Terry Moore is a tease, Jeff Smith webcasts, Bryan Lee O'Malley posts a lost artwork, JH Williams III, Becky Cloonan and Michael Avon Oeming pay tribute to Moebius, Jim Rugg has a show, Francesco Francavilla does Silver Surfer, Mike Carey trailers, Charles Soule debates floppys vs trades, Ben Templesmith warms up, Brandon Graham gets autobiographical, Peter David talks John Carter and Peter Nguyen does Jean Grey.

- Dan Hipp comments on the reliability of bounty hunters:

- Fabio Moon celebrates women:

- Terry Moore offers this little tidbit for Strangers in paradise fans:
Coolness. Katchoo & Francine’s first serious give-it-to-me kiss made the Best Kiss list at afterellen.com amid a slew of film/tv kisses.
If you care at all about that, you may be interested to know that Francine and Katchoo will emerge from their self-imposed sabbatical next year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Strangers In Paradise in 2013. That’s all I can say at this point.

Jeff Smith participated in the Scholastic webcast on March 7th. Click the pick to see the video.
Pasted Graphic

Bryan Lee O'Malley posted some cool 'missing' art from back in 2003:

JH Williams III remembers Jean Giraud, AKA Moebius:

I consider him one of my greatest influences, as I’m sure a lot of artists do. His work is highly revered around the world by many of his peers, or anyone that knows really great art when they see it. Some of my earliest exposure to his work was some of his science fiction works when I was a young boy, but what truly won me over for a lifetime was his work on Blueberry. Probably thee finest comics tales of the old west ever produced. Moebius was a true master and innovator of line, texture, and use of palettes. His work has impacted comics in so many ways its impossible to follow all of the roots. In my humble opinion, his art has affected our understanding of modern comics to the same level as Jack Kirby influence.

Jim Rugg is having a show at the end of the month. Here's his promo poster:


Francesco Francavilla twarted this amazing Silver Surfer:


Mike Carey posted a trailer for his book the Steel Seraglio:

Charles Soule debates the merits of floppys vs trades:

So, which is better?  First of all, they’re both great, and as long as you’re reading comics in one form or another, you’re okay by me.  The real answer is that both have their perks.  These days, I read most of what I read in floppy form, because I want to support the industry (especially creators I either know personally, particularly enjoy or both), and floppy sales still drive a lot of publisher decisions (even though I think they really shouldn’t, considering the much wider market for trades.)  That said, there are a few series I read in trade (Unwritten, Scalped, a few others), and a few more that I read in floppies and then buy in trade (which, to me, is the highest possible endorsement – it says that I can’t wait to read a given installment of the series, and then the pleasure I’ll get from owning the collected edition is worth the added expense.  I do that with Locke & Key, one of my favorite books running, and I expect it to be that way with Saga as well.  It certainly happened with Y the Last Man and Ex Machina.)

Ben Templesmith's daily sketch:

- Here's a
Brandon Graham to get into you:

Peter David discusses John Carter From Mars:

It’s easy to point out that, since I have several dogs in this hunt–namely I work for Disney and also wrote the *ahem* New York Times Bestseller graphic novel prequel, “World of Mars,” that I cannot approach the newly released “John Carter” in any sort of unbiased way. And that’s true. But not for the obvious reasons.

I’m going to be biased because when I was ten years old, throwing myself eagerly into the Edgar Rice Burroughs tales of Barsoom, there were nights–especially at the end of some VERY lousy days–where I would stand in the backyard and try to find the glittering red spot that was Mars against the blackened sky. And I would look up longingly, just as Carter had, and throw my arms wide, and wish desperately that I could leave my mortal body behind and find myself on Mars. There I would pal around with a four armed green guy, and a calot would be my pet, and I’d have a naked Martian girlfriend (yes, I thought that way at age ten. What can I say? I was precocious. Don’t tell ME gender preference isn’t ingrained.)

Peter Nguyen does Jean Grey:

- Becky Cloonan and Michael Avon Oeming pay tribute to Moebius at

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