Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Witchblade #154

I really love this new direction that witch lade has taken. Her being out of her comfort zone and working as a private eye would be far more flexible to use in future arcs. This is the acid test for the new creative team and so far, I really feel that they have lived up to the standards set by previous creators...if not surpassed it. 

Writing wise, perfect.

It's interesting, fast paced and filled with intrigue and twists that would keep the readers interests stoked for more. And artwise, this artist has a very nice clean style that's very easy to understand and really enjoyable to look at. 

The current arc, which is to be concluded next issue, is not short on thrills and excitement. And for this reason, Witchblade has now become my second most favorite non marvel-dc book the first being invincible...and the gap is not that wide.

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