Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Star Wars - Dawn of the Jedi #2

I dug this book but i feel a little...disappointed with this issue. Done get me wrong, the writing is great and enjoyable. The art from Jann Duursema is nothing short of spectacular, but reading this kind of feels like I missed an issue, which I didn't. It lacked a little bit of development as it seems that most of the main players know of each others existence already. It's a little distracting as I was reading the title but the story beats keep pulling me in. The events in this issue makes me a bit more curious and excited for what's to come.

 And I really want to know the origins of "the man with the mask". Also, an opportunity to know more of the Jedi, The Sith and The Force's origins are always welcome.

Not too bad of a showing, but I wish the next installment would be far better...

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