Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Rebel Blood #1


Riley Rossmo and Alex Link craft a psychological thriller with an apocalyptic horror feel reminiscent of THE WALKING DEAD. I can see Guy Pearce here…and I don’t know why. It’s a mind-bender with hallucinations, flashbacks, thoughts, images and seeped into all this is comfortably evocative art that provokes the angst of the story. It’s a tale draped in woe and with this agony, you get a tense feel, a cold vibe that things aren’t what they seem. The duplicity isn’t mundane as most books would have. It’s quite contrary. The deceit here feels like the protagonist is way over his head or as I assume…out of it.
There are some hints and pointers here and there alluding to what really may be occurring but I can’t surmise here or posit at the risk of sounding too pretentious…or too wrong. It’s a murky issue and I can’t finger the rub as yet so I have no choice but to give it till issue #2 (6/10)

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