Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Orchid #5

This story by Tom Morello is ferocious and such a breathtaking read. The art by Hepburn soars as we see Opal training Orchid hell-bent on igniting a revolution to attain vengeance for the deaths of her loved ones. Simon takes a backseat here as Orchid’s rise to combat prominence is well scripted, as well as Opal’s new additions to the roster. It’s about upping the arsenal and pretty effective. You don’t see much of the antagonists’ presence here bar a torture scene with Anzio but it you’re looking for gruesome…look no further than Opal’s sword.

It’s pretty hectic and disturbing how she excels as a warrior.

The team is on their mission to rescue Anzio and show liberty as a way of life…but Orchid’s bloodthirst for revenge could be their downfall…or key to victory. It’s a frenetic paced book but is one of the most solid reads as it incorporates the right elements of drama, politics, chivalry and the modern-day gusto that we needed to pack that punch in comics we spend bucks on! (10/10)

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