Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Saga #1

You only need one reason to by this comic. I’ll give you bunch, but you only need one. Brian K. Vaughan. Remember Y-The Last Man? Ex Machina? The freakin’ Runaways? BKV is one of the greatest storytellers in the business, so you know you’re going to get an awesome story. Asides from the writer's name, Saga #1 begins an epic sc-fi fantasy, one part Star Wars, one part Willow and all parts amazing.

Right from the outset, you know Saga is something special.

There aren’t many comics out there that begin with a birth, and even fewer when the child is born with her mother’s wings and her father’s horns. Vaughan hits a really emotional rhythm in the book, and the relationship between the main characters is powerful and strong right from the beginning. The mark of a true master. They bicker like a real couple, but express an unconditional love through their forbidden union. The world BKV has created is full and exciting and unique, and even though we’re still on issue 1, there is already a sense of the epic. From the name of the book to the art to characters to the story, we are in for one hell of a saga.

Fiona Staples provides yet another reason for you to pick this up. Her art is beautiful. It’s perfectly expressive, and really captures the deep emotional beats set forth by BKV. Her layouts and composition are dynamic, engaging the reader on an even deep level. She draws breastfeeding in a very tasteful way and generally complements the story very well.

As if you needed anymore incentive to pick this up, you get amazing value - 46 pages for a meagre $2.99. Everyone should by this book. No excuse. Buy it!

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