Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Robert E Howard's Savage Sword #4

Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword has been one of my favorite anthology books that has come out in recent years. While the other anthology book that Dark Horse is putting out is great, Savage Sword beats it just about every time for me. That is probably due to my love of most things Howard.

There are five stories in this issue, ranging in subject, from Conan, to western, to a Lovecraftian story, there is great diversity in this book.

And like most anthologies, if you don't like one story, another one will probably be more to your liking. If that story you don't like is the Sean Phillips Conan story, then shame on you! It is probably the best thing in all four issues that has come out of this book. Phillips shadowy art is a perfect fit for the story, and he draws a creepy monster that will probably give me nightmares.

Each issue has finished with a classic Howard tale from old Marvel comics material. This issue finishes up a Kull story started last issue, with amazing art by Tony De Zuniga. These are always my favorite part of the issue. Most of the stories have either never been reprinted so this is a great opportunity to discover some amazing comics that have been forgotten.
Savage Sword rarely disappoints and this is no exception, but if this is your first issue, be warned that some of the stories here are the second part of a two part story continued from last issue.  
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