Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Irredeemable #35

Irredeemable 35 is an awesome issue! I don't think I've ever read anything from Mark Waid that I got disappointed at. Like I said I was new to this, but I never really had any problem understanding the flow of the story. I like the premise very much. An out of control "Superman" who basically eliminated all competition and took over the world. And now, as of this issue, there is a looming threat that he cannot handle alone and had to bargain with another super being to try and solve it. But faced with a moral dilemma when an innocent, particularly, a very close one, is used against him in a plot to control him. 

It must not be easy writing stories that are not so cut and dry but waid handles the task deftly. Also, the art is perfect for the mood that is set for the book, dark and foreboding. 

I may have to get the trade for this series which is scheduled to end pretty soon. It's innovative, creative, and a perfect example of when a writer thinks out of the box.

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