Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Buffy Season 9 #7

When I started season 9 I was apprehensive. I didn’t particularly love the ending to season 8, I found the ending was drawn out just a little too bit! Season 9 even though it picks up directly after seems to be fresh and new yet reminiscent of the television series at the same time. This issue was great and it follows Buffy and her “problem” from the previous issue.

The writing is great within this issue and while nothing too exciting happens the issue still remains entertaining and relatable!

Buffy still has her spunk and her relationship with Spike is addressed and there is a little action thrown in for good measure when Buffy confronts a Zompire hoard with Spike and his detective friend! It’s not too thrilling but you can tell resolve is coming.
As always I loved the art there have been only one or two issues since the series continuation in comics that have let me down. With Noto on the cover I think great things will be happening for Buffy and her scoobies in the future! The scenes where they are fighting the vampires is a great representation of how Jeanty has taken Joss Whedons world and really made it his own! I love when a vamp or two gets dusted on panel it to me is a perfect adaptation for comics!

All together this issue is good, not a lot happens leaving me wanting for the next issue but not in the usual excited way! It’s more of a feeling of being unfulfilled than anything else. Buffy’s roommates do make a decision about her and Spike’s love is addressed but if you’re looking for the big reveal and for decisions to be made I’d say you ‘ll have to wait a few more issues at best this issue is a well done peg-holder with ties to what’s happened and what is soon coming.
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