Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Superbia #1

Boom! Really cranks out a brilliant, emotionally-wrangling book that unravels as simply…WHAT IF DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES WERE SUPERHEROES? The entire cast…not just the women. Despite a bland ending (not too drab but one I saw coming a million miles away), Grace Randolph scripts a tale chock-full of webs of deceit with capes on top capes…behind sometimes…literally. It’s a smorgasbord of drama. You feel tension creeping off every page as Dauterman’s art is kooky and quirky enough to translate this issue as the funny calm before the impending storm.

With so many members in this complicated yet enthralling cast, you cannot fight the allure of the disasters and emotional rollercoasters that will soon drape and wreck this book. Sovereign is exemplified as a Superman/Doc Manhattan type character in a team that mirrors the JLA/AVENGERS but with their flaws more accepted and moral compass pointing true south at times. There are so many issues and domestic problems here that it makes sense a woman wrote it…no disrespect meant, as I cannot see males crafting such visceral and pulling stories. They intertwine well and snowballing is an understatement here when we see couples, super-heroes of course, coming and bringing their marriages and baggage under one roof. Oh…Yes…She did…Grace Randolph did! Jerry Springer meets COMICBOOKMEN! (9/10)

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