Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Fatale #3

Bottom line first: buy this comic. Seriously, if you're reading this and haven't read Fatale yet, drop what you're doing, jump on Comixology and download it. Any one who has any interest in pulp or lovecraft or crime noir or just a good, sold story should check it out. Brubaker and Phillips nail it once again with this issue. The characters are the main focus here, and the world Brubaker and Phillips has made for them is unusual in a way that I can't quit put my finger on - just how I like it.

This issue is split into two parts. The interlude follows Nicolas Lash and the events surrounding the loss of his leg. The second part begins chapter 3 and continues the story of Hank Raines, crooked cop Walt Booker and the beautiful but mysterious Josephine. 3 issues in, and Josephine is turning out to be an amazing character - enigmatic without being under developed. This is no mean feat, and pays testament to Brubaker as a writer. He has carefully lotted the story in a way that teases the audience without answering any questions, setting things up for an insane issue 4. I await with baited breath.

Sean Phillips is the cheese to Bru's crackers. The Spock to his Kirk. They work so well together, and Phillip's style suits the pulp noir or Brubaker's stories perfectly. Along with colourist Dave Stewert, Phillips adds to the sometimes dark, sometimes exciting tone of the book, and manages to populate the pages with unique characters that are easy to 'read'. He's such an expressive artist, it makes his work a joy to look at. The engaging mystery of Fatale is one that grabs you and sucks you in - a vortex to the imagination. Comics at it's finest.

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