Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Steed and Miss Peel #3

I am enamoured with Ian Gibson's art. One of the most beautiful artwork that I've bet seen in comics and no, I am not hyping that up. The man is extremely talented and deserves more work in the future. Also, this issue has an extensive dose of typical Morrison quirkiness. And the way that he wrote this particular issue, it was very fast paced and was rather a quick read ( that is if you avoid gawking at the art) anyway, this issue threw me off a little bit as it feels like I am reading an issue of ....Batman. The villains, at least in my opinion, acteda little...campy. Riddler, Mad Hatter and Ras Al'Ghul all come to mind.

Probably, it was written with that in mind, but I fear that if Grant would continue to write that way outside of his mainstream work, he would be severely typecast..if he isn't already. 

None the less, this comic is a very fun read and the collected edition, would look mighty fine on your shelf once it gets out...

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